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  • Best quality

    We care about the quality of the product. As a digital product development agency, we believe in beautiful software.

  • Modern technologies

    We use the modern and most flexible and secure technologies to build the best products on the internet.

  • Advenced security

    At Software Security Solutions our mission is to raise the bar by making computer security more accessible.

Create Successful Business Models with Our IT Solutions

Create Successful Business Models with Our IT Solutions

Githon, a software development company, helps to digitize businesses by focusing on client’s business challenges, needs. We value close transparent cooperation and encourage our clients to participate actively in the project development life cycle.

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Work with the best toolkit

These are a few of our favourite things

  • Next.js


    Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web apps.

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS is basically a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building UIs.

  • Vercel


    Vercel is a cloud platform that enables developers to host web apps.

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

    Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment.

  • Figma


    Figma is a web-based graphics editing and user interface design app.

  • Shopify


    Shopify is an world class online shopping platform.

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